Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sanjaya, we hardly knew ya!

Are we desis happy to see Sanjaya booted off the Idol Island? At least I am. For starters, Sanjaya brought the wrong kind of attention for Desis in the US. The last thing we want to be known for is singing! Our prowesses lie in other talents and pursuits and one less MJ-lookalike won't dim our prospects at the gold in any singing marathon. Also, what's up with adding an "A" to his name? Not sure if any media outlet explored this, but I would say there's something wrong with a Desi Man if his name ends with an "A" wouldn't you say? At least I can't recall growing up with any guys named Ajaya or Vinaya or Rajiva, have you? Yeah, the current trend is to add an alphabet so it rrings true (no pun(dit) intended), but this alphabet soup I can't comprehend. Any thoughts anyone?

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